True Lies

Hillary Clinton’s strategy in attempting to deflect attention away from the ongoing saga surrounding her e-mails while Secretary of State shows a deep reliance on Bill’s anti-scandal playbook. From the man who was fuzzy on the meaning of the word “is” we see a similar semantic game with Hillary. She claims that FBI director James Comey said her statements were truthful. Except that isn’t what he said. He said they have “no basis to conclude she lied to the FBI.” Being truthful and not lying are two very different things. This aphorism holds true both for con artists and the mentally impaired. Clinton is trying to parse a single answer to two different questions: her actions and what she has said about her actions. The FBI found that Clinton did indeed send classified e-mails through her private server (directly contravening Clinton’s prior public statements). This exchange between Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and Director Comey sets the record straight:

GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails either sent or received. Was that true?

COMEY: That’s not true.

GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said, “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.” Was that true?

COMEY: There was classified material emailed.

The secondary question then becomes “was it intentional” (although legally that makes no difference)? Did she know they were classified? That is a harder question to answer, as it requires either a “smoking gun” admission or mind reading. But this is how the Clintons operate. Doing things we all “know” they did, but because their guilt often depends on intent become unprovable. They truly are the O.J. Simpson of politics.

Clinton maintains she was truthful when asked about these emails. In order for her to be both truthful and for classified materials to have been sent necessitates that Clinton be either incompetent or lacking in mental facilities. If she is not an imbecile, then she is a bold faced liar. Logically there is no other choice. Neither of these (perjury or stupidity) are desirable traits in a potential President.

Do I think Clinton is a moron? No. Did she intend to circumvent the security of the government’s email system for her own personal political benefit (in hindsight apparently a mistake!) by setting up her own e-mail server so she could send, receive, and destroy e-mails without oversight? To ask the question is to answer it. But the fact that she has painted herself into a corner with lies and transparent attempts to protect her political career only underscore why she is indeed the most well qualified to be President; the most successful politicians are typically the most sociopathic ones.

By her own admission Hillary Clinton is either a liar or a moron. Donald Trump is a hypocritical opportunist. This is the first year where the “fringe” third party candidate, Libertarian Governor Gary Johnson is downright boringly conventional in comparison to these two loons. We’ve had enough Clinton and Trump drama already, time to try some boring old freedom.

5 thoughts on “True Lies

  1. Bob Kobelski

    What no one is asking is how did the classified and non-classified email streams get merged? How did the classified emails move from SCIF based distribution? While the Department of State does classify emails they do not define the rules for handling classified documents so this mess goes beyond the scope of Hillary Clinton.

  2. Greg Morin Post author

    I imagine it was fairly straightforward to create an account on her personal mail server that logged into her government account, grabbed the mail (POP probably) then internally forward it to her personal account on that server. Not really that hard if you’re running an email server… this is kids stuff, I’ve done it myself… the hard part, that is not kid stuff, is keeping the hackers out.

    1. Bob Kobelski

      I do not doubt that the technological mechanism is simple to one knowledgeable in the field, it is getting access to the classified email system that baffles me. I held a “secret” level clearance; all classified documents and briefings were done in a secure facility (SCIF), she did not get classified documents along with unclassified documents on her standard DoS email. How did she get “authorization” to compromise the government wide classified communication system when that system is not run by DoS?

  3. Greg Morin Post author

    Those rules are for the little people. 🙂 No, you’re right, that’s an interesting detail that someone who was not involved on that side of things would not know about. Good question, I wonder how she did that, other than simply playing her SoS privilege and just ordering someone to ignore the rules and to just send it to her phone. Or maybe it was more subtle, maybe she saw those things in the secure facility but then openly discussed the contents of what she saw in new emails on her insecure server.

  4. Smithc1

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