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The State is an anachronism, a vestige of our primitive, territorially driven reptilian brain. It is the embodiment of the principle of monopoly violence as a path to peace (“one gang to rule them all”). The supposedly more “civilized” modern democratic state is merely a mirage that fools us into believing we are in control because we choose who runs the gang.

Civilized beings do not impose their will upon others. Civilized beings respect the natural rights of all sentient beings. Civilized beings may defend their natural rights, either individually or collectively. Uncivilized beings compel others to join their collective. Membership in the collective should not turn on accident of geography any more than one’s religion should be dictated by where they live. Recognition of political borders is tacit acceptance that the governing body for that territory owns everything within its borders. A free society does not own its occupants. A free society has no borders.

We must move past the atavistic idea that political associations must be restricted by geographical boundaries. If denominational religions have no geographical boundaries then why should any other human associations, including “government”. The Baptist and Catholic can live next door to each other and either’s belief differences do not affect the other, and yet a Democrat and Republican can live next door and the choice of one can and does affect the other. This makes no sense, and the realization that this makes no sense is humanity’s first step on the long path toward a more civilized and peaceful co-existence.

I was once a Democrat (teens), then I was once a Republican (twenties), but  I’ve now figured out where they both get it wrong and they both get it right and thus I’m now a libertarian. However even this term “libertarian” is a charged one. I have found that many wear this label yet they do not really understand what it means, or only embrace part of the philosophy (cafeteria libertarians, as it were). As in any group of relatively like minded people there are honest differences of opinion. Even among the “great minds” of libertarian philosophy there is disagreement on certain issues (e.g. abortion, intellectual property). So, my point is, do not judge me by this label, judge me by what I write, for that is the philosophy I espouse.

I arrived at this philosophy through independent study… it’s taken time (a lot of reading and reflecting), but it’s well worth the effort. It is a truly eye opening experience once the tricks of the magician are revealed and you see the world as it is really is and not as it has been held out to be by those in control (the state, the government, the corporate media, and higher education that acts as state apologists (aka “The Cathedral“)). They really do just print money out of thin air. There never were any Robber Barons or monopolies. The Great Depression was not “fixed” by World War II. State power is promoted as a way to force peace on the people but large organized states have been responsible for more deaths (warfare) throughout history than could ever have occurred in their absence.  Organized humans are capable of much goodness as well as much evil. Once you understand some of these basic truths, it’s eye-opening – now listening to the media (corporate or not) is a bit like watching a magician do his tricks but knowing how all the tricks are done so it’s easy to spot the misdirection and deception. If you’d like to learn more yourself check out my “Favorite” books and also mises.org as well as Liberty Classroom.

Who I am does not matter, either logic and reasoning behind my articles convinces or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t then I have failed in making a clear argument or you are not keeping an open mind to new ideas. Only you can determine in your heart which it is.

Gregory Morin

Favorite Books
They Mystery of Banking, Murray Rothbard

Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt

Meltdown, Tom Woods

For a New Liberty, Murray Rothbard

Defending the Undefendable, Walter Block

Why the porcupine? The porcupine bothers no one and no one bothers it. If attacked it will defend itself. As much as an animal can, it embodies the libertarian ideal of a world of liberty where we are free to lead our lives as we see fit as long as we do not impinge on the rights of others to do the same.