No-Knock Opposition

There has been a concerted effort by bill sponsors, some legislative leaders and other bill proponents to “dumb down” Georgians with a massive disinformation campaign favoring SB45, SB159 and HB56 legislation. To counter the myths that have been propagated in some media outlets by this powerful lobbying cartel we have produced a primer on the VoterGA web site that exposes the lies.
Please call these legislators to express your opinion on Monday and attend the hearing if at all possible:
Legislators to Contact:
Senate Majority Leader:
Contact co-sponsors of SB159:
Sen. Jesse Stone (main sponsor) (404)
Sen. Jeff Mullis 404)
Sen. Bill Cowsert (404)
Sen. Hunter Hill (404)
Sen. Tyler Harper (404)

Contact co-sponsors of SB45:
Sen. Vincent Fort (main sponsor) (404)
Sen. Horecena Tate (404)
Sen. Valencia Seay 404)
Sen. Gloria Butler (404)
Sen. Gail Davenport (678)

Contact Non-Civil Judiciary Committee Members who may hear and vote on the bill:
Sen. Jesse Stone (SB159 main sponsor) (404) 463-1381,
Sen. Vincent Fort (SB45 main sponsor) (404) 656-5091,
Sen. William Ligon (404) 656-0045,
Sen. Joshua McCoon (404) 463-3931,
Sen. John F. Kennedy (404) 656-7454,
Sen. Mike Crane, (404) 656-6446,
Sen. Charlie Bethel, (404) 463-1383,
Sen. Harold Jones (404) 463-3942,
Sen. Elena Parent (404) 656-5109,
Sen. Hunter Hill (404) 463-2518,