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Needs and Wants

The TSPLOST frenzy has moved into high gear as we approach the July 31 election. The “pro” side makes some compelling arguments. Compelling that is until you actually think about them. Needs and wants: It is argued that all projects are beneficial. Ok, I’ll bite. Every project is beneficial. But, just because some proposal IS […]

July 23 / 2012
Author Greg Morin
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Cui bono?

I recently saw a pro-TSPLOST bumper sticker on a truck. I thought “that’s odd, why would average Joe Citizen be so impassioned about infrastructure policy that they would feel the need to advertise it on their vehicle.” Then as I passed the truck the reason became all too clear: a bright blue logo signified that […]

July 16 / 2012
Author Greg Morin
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What does that “L” stand for again?

On July 31, 2012 there will be a statewide vote on whether to adopt yet another 1¢ sales tax (bringing us to 8%! ) This new tax is known as the “TSPLOST” (Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax – authorized by the 2010 “Transportation Investment Act”). This SPLOST tax is unique from all prior […]

April 16 / 2012