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Free Market Gun Control?

Other inanimate objects controlled or used by humans cause far more harm than guns each year (cars, pools, trampolines, etc.) and yet there is no call to ban those things. Quite odd. Insurance acts as a guide to mitigating risk. Risky things are expensive to insure (be that poor drivers or unguarded pools) and so that tends to minimize those things.

October 12 / 2015

Poison Pill

Obamacare’s poison pill provision has backfired. The bill’s authors used plain language in order to permit the pill’s targets no wiggle room, but now that same language is biting them in the posterior as they attempt to disown its original intent. Their poison pill has turned into a self-destruct hot-potato that like a long lost love-child, no one wants to take responsibility for.

July 28 / 2014
Author Greg Morin
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Risky Business

When Nancy Pelosi said “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it” she wasn’t kidding! Four years later the adventure into this 906-page behemoth continues. Apparently taxpayer funded bailouts of insurer losses is one little tidbit they tried to sweep under the rug. This provision is part of the […]

January 28 / 2014

The Rule of Men

This past Thursday regulators overseeing the US school lunch program graciously decided to “permanently” ease restrictions added to the school lunch program only 4 years ago. The changes initiated in 2010 were a part of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which was crafted with the laudable goal of solving childhood obesity. Fat and salt were […]

January 07 / 2014
Author Greg Morin
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Lost in translation

Like millions of Americans you probably have received a letter like this (see below) from your health insurance provider (for both individual or group plans). As the farmer said to the pigs about to be slaughtered, “We’re going to be transitioning you to an environment free of worldly concerns.” Reading between the lines can often […]

November 05 / 2013
Author Greg Morin
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Counting, Government Style

As Obamacare looms nigh small employers such as myself who are near the margins of the 50 employee threshold of being an “applicable large employer for Section 4980H” have found it necessary to waste time and money just trying to figure out if we have reached that threshold or not (and yes, we already provide […]

October 01 / 2013
Author Greg Morin
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Smokers in California escape their fair share

I heard a story on NPR this morning about how California is doing something about that evil Obamacare rule that allows insurers to “discriminate” against the most unfortunate of those among us – smokers. Obamacare actually (gasp) allows insurers to charge up to 50% more on premiums to smokers! How unfair, doesn’t Obama understand that […]

April 30 / 2013
Author Greg Morin
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Keynesian Coin Toss

Hurricane Sandy wrought not only terrible destruction this past week, it likewise whipped a few economic fallacies to the surface. Chief among these was the unwarranted attacks on the “price gougers” and the stunning ignorance of those pontificating on the “prosperity through destruction” meme. I shall defer my defense of the gougers and turn my […]

Cutting corners

“And so you’ve got higher administrative costs, plus profit on top of that. And if you are going to save any money through what Governor Romney’s proposing, what has to happen is, is that the money has to come from somewhere.” – President Barack Obama. President Obama made the above remark in last week’s (10/3/12) […]

October 09 / 2012

Don’t blame people, blame the system Mitt

Poor Mitt Romney – apparently no one ever taught him the first rule of politics: always assume you are being recorded. The issue at hand though is not so much his ham-fisted point making, but rather that he, like so many other politicians, decries the effects of government policies while ignoring the underlying causes. What […]

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