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The Giving Tree of Debt

It’s that special time of year once again – The Giving Tree in Washington DC sheds its last few monetary leaves as fall approaches. The congressional summer recess has left the tree starving for the one thing it needs to flourish and produce those precious greenbacks: BS. As the pontificating blowhards in Congress resume their […]

August 14 / 2013

Bangladesh Robber Baron fallacy

Just read this article about the Bangladesh factory disaster this morning. Truly terrible what happened, however the usual progressive/statist smugness comes to the surface pretty quick in the comments “oh see what the free market causes, we need government to save us from these evil people.” Here’s my response on the board to that sentiment […]

May 10 / 2013
Author Greg Morin
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A tax by any other name

And so it has come to pass – nearly 100 years since the post office ceased Sunday mail delivery (dropped in 1912 primarily due to religious and workers rights reasons) the United States Postal Service will cease Saturday mail delivery later this year. This time the reasons are financial rather than ecclesiastical. The Postal Service […]

February 18 / 2013
December 26 / 2012
Author Greg Morin
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Warning, Warning!

“New Jersey has a tough price gouging law to ensure that profiteers will not take unfair advantage of people at their most vulnerable” Governor Chris Christi Unfair advantage – so who exactly is the Solomonesque arbiter of that which is fair and unfair? In this case the states of New Jersey and New York. And […]

November 13 / 2012
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