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The Voting Games

If a voter cannot be bothered to know the name of their candidate, then they truly have no business voting. Such voters are muddling the process with noise and diminishing the voice of those that did take the time to become educated. Imagine the outcome of a vote on the best baseball player if 70% of the people voting know absolutely nothing about baseball? How valid do you imagine those results would be?

September 15 / 2014
Author Greg Morin
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Where’s the harm?

New car dealerships across the country, and most recently in Georgia, are fighting to block the entrance of Tesla Motors into the new car marketplace because they refuse to play by the “good ol’ boys” rules (made into laws) that stipulate all cars must be sold through independently owned dealerships. It’s the same old crony-capitalist story: publicly proclaim it is about “consumer protection”, privately acknowledge it’s about protecting profits by limiting competition.

September 09 / 2014


The NCAA is told by its masters (US District Court) that it is not permitted to engage in voluntary arrangements. It has been ordered to permit direct payments to student athletes, proving once again that there is no aspect of our lives too trivial to escape the Panopitcon of the state and its forced egalitarianism.

August 11 / 2014
Author Greg Morin
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Restoring Freedom?

Apparently we are supposed to be grateful for the “restored” freedom of unlocking our cellphones recently bestowed upon us by the very people that took it in the first place. The state is nothing if not confirmation of Harry Browne’s aphorism ““[The State] is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, “See, if it weren’t for the [state], you wouldn’t be able to walk.”

August 05 / 2014

Poison Pill

Obamacare’s poison pill provision has backfired. The bill’s authors used plain language in order to permit the pill’s targets no wiggle room, but now that same language is biting them in the posterior as they attempt to disown its original intent. Their poison pill has turned into a self-destruct hot-potato that like a long lost love-child, no one wants to take responsibility for.

July 28 / 2014
Author Greg Morin
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Invisible Borders

Borders are a fiction. Borders are about power. A lack of borders is inimical to those who derive their power from democracy. The only principled position on borders and immigration is 100% open borders with no restrictions whatsoever. As long as one does not trespass on private property then no rights violation can occur.

July 22 / 2014
Author Greg Morin
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Tootsie Pop Justice

An example of how the irresponsibility of a few drives the state to implement ever more impediments in our lives. The pursuit of happiness found at the center of the Tootsie Pop that is life requires ever more licks, but at some point we’ll just have to bite down to circumvent the busybodies trying to protect us from ourselves.

July 14 / 2014
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