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Birds of a Feather

What kind of bird is the libertarian? Left-wing? Right-wing? The common misconception is that Libertarians are on the “far-right” of the political spectrum. Nothing could be further from the truth. The confusion stems from the total misuse and lack of understanding in the media of the terms “left” and “right”. First we need to define […]

August 31 / 2011
Author Greg Morin
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Economic Slavery

I have a proposal. Since we as a society permit children to inherit the accumulated wealth of their parents (unless you are “too” wealthy, then we take half of it!) then isn’t it reasonable that children should also inherit the liabilities as well as the assets of their parents? Currently if assets exceed liabilities then […]

August 26 / 2011

Stimulus: Bread and Circuses, Part II

Government bread (stimulus) attempts to misdirect the citizenry into believing “something” is being done. Tragically, the bread is hollow. Inherent self-interest problems with government spending ensure that such spending is less efficient in terms of goods received per unit of money. In other words if government spends $1 they get 10 apples. If I spend […]

August 22 / 2011

Stimulus: Bread and Circuses, Part I

The “cuts” in the recent budget deal have renewed mutterings of the “dangers” of decreasing government spending in a down economy. Somehow this “government spending as the path to prosperity” myth will just not die. The idea is that when government spends money it magically reaps greater economic benefits than when private parties spend money. […]

August 11 / 2011

Sweden, Sweden, Sweden…

Recently my wife and I became embroiled in a “Facebook” debate with some of her liberal friends. I won’t bore you with the details as you can probably guess where they stood and where we stood! We were disappointed to learn, however, that when arguing with (some) liberals (many responded to the thread) if they […]

August 05 / 2011
Author Greg Morin
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